Congress sessions

Tree breeding strategies.

This session aims to deepen the exploration of genetic resources in Eucalyptus and discuss innovative tree improvement strategies, focusing on the evaluation, selection, propagation and deployment of genetic stock, especially oriented to increase adaptability and resilience to new challenges such as climate change as well as the development of new products.

Breeding for resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.

The objective of this session is to present breeding tools used specifically for the selection of genotypes with good behavior against biotic and abiotic and physiologic disturbances, such as damage by pests and forest pathogens, frost and water deficit, among others, with the aim of maintaining and improving the forest health.

Breeding for wood properties. 

This session is oriented to discuss the latest advances in genetic improvement for wood properties of eucalypts, especially those oriented to applications such as solid wood, engineered wood products, biomass and energy, pulp and paper and chemical industry.

Molecular and genomic technologies.

This session aims to explore and discuss the latest research on eucalypt molecular genetics and genomics, with a specific focus on new tools and methods with practical applications to improve the efficiency of breeding programs. Will also include discussions on the genomic approach for some of the challenges discussed in other sessions like pest and diseases control or wood quality.

Forest management and productivity, including forest protection and physiology.

This session is oriented to discuss the key elements in forest management: genetics, ecology, silviculture, physiology, and forest protection, for the effective implementation of sustainable forest management.

Environmental, social and economic benefits

This session aims to analyze and discuss the economic impact of eucalypt plantations, their contribution to the environment, including ecosystem services, and their importance for improving livelihoods in cities and rural towns.